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Why do whales beach themselves? This documentary explores the mystery.

Are they being chased out of the water by a new kind of Navy sonar?  Are they following a sick leader to the shore?  Are they committing mass suicide?

This mystery has haunted the minds and titillated the imaginations of people for centuries.  “Beached” will teach you how to think like a scientist and explore all the numerous theories – both probable and improbable.  We will give voice to both sides of every argument, wading through the muck and mire to get to the truth.

Too often people take whatever information they are given for granted without taking a moment to think if it truly makes sense.  We’ve all heard the story and seen the footage of lemmings leaping to their deaths in mass suicide.  What is not common knowledge is that it is a myth faked by a documentary filmmaker working for Disney in the fifties.  He chased them off the cliff.  When we see something on screen or hear it from someone we trust, we believe it without question.  In today’s era of internet information explosion, it becomes harder to filter through it all to find the truth.  “Beached” will teach the viewers to think for themselves so they don’t follow the pack, leaping from the cliffs like lemmings or washed up on shore like whales on a beach.

The documentary uses the mystery of whales to teach the scientific method, while the website will feature interactive games and activities to teach and explore other math, science, and engineering concepts.

Move away from sound bite science, learn how to think like a scientist, and find out the answers to a mystery that has followed us for centuries.
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